What we offer

Individual/Group Music Therapy

Music Therapy programs are designed to fit each client’s needs. Contact us to find out how you can bring MT to your school or facility.

Music Therapy

Child & Adult Music Lessons

Music lessons for all ages and abilities. Private lessons are available in your home and we match a teacher with your specialty and needs.

Voice, Piano, Guitar, Double Bass...what do you want to learn?

Music lessons make wonderful gifts that last a lifetime. How about a gift certificate for your grandfather's birthday, an anniversary, graduation, or other celebration?

Music Lessons

Adaptive Music Lessons

We offer adaptive music lessons (available in your home) for children & adults with special needs. Adaptive music lessons address musical & non-musical goals, and are individually designed for each student.

Drum Circle Facilitation – Remo HealthRhythms

"Drumming is for everyone, everywhere"

A drum circle is a community experience. Drumming may be recreational, educational, or therapeutic, and a successful program is a collaborative activity in creativity that involves: teamwork, leadership, community, development, communication, expression, and fun. Drum circles may be used for experiential learning, stress reduction, or community involvement and staff development.

SpeaksEasy Studio Classes

“Nurturing the Discovery of Voice ~ through Music, Art, and Love.”

Mommy & Me programs designed to nurture your child's early years through the use of music and creative arts. SES emphasizes language acquisition, socialization and parent-child bonding within a supportive, loving and peaceful space.

Designed for babies & infants 4-16 months. Classes are 45 minutes long and focus on language acquisition and parent-child bonding through song. All classes begin with exploratory play time. Baby SpeaksEasy emphasizes simple & repetitive language with vowel and consonant encouragement, using sound modeling and imitation exercises that assist in language development. The language component is complemented by adaptive sign language techniques and the use of a puppet model.

Classes comprise of familiar and original songs, musical instruments, movement and music activities, and color identification, all to enhance fine/gross motor skills and parent-child bonding. All classes end with bubbles! Through guided play and interaction the parent-child bond comes naturally in this setting, as the child develops security and confidence in the world around them, along with support of their parent/guardian. We also believe that children learn best by repetition, so our classes will be similar week to week so that children gain confidence and security in knowing what to expect next!

Designed for Toddlers 16-32 months. Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on age group. Toddler classes are similar to Baby SpeaksEasy, however hour long classes also include open ended art discovery & story time reading. Children will explore artistic sensory materials and create their own abstract artwork. Parents/Guardians will guide their child in using the materials provided, however what they create is up to the artist themselves! Older Toddler classes include a short story-time, with an emphasis on letter& shape identification to develop early reading skills. As in other SpeaksEasy classes, all classes end with bubbles!

We believe that children learn best by repetition, so our classes will be similar week to week so that children gain confidence and security in knowing what to expect next!

Designed for toddlers with delays in language acquisition, socialization and/or motor skills. This class is 45 minutes long and incorporates creative arts and music therapy techniques in a loving and supportive environment that assists in your child's development of expressive language, motor skills, and socialization techniques. Therapists will use creative modalities and repetition to allow children to gain confidence and independence throughout the course of this class. Peer interaction is balanced with individualized play and exploration so the child will find comfort in developing important social skills at their own pace. Supportive SpeaksEasy classes will also have set & measured goals that are based on the individualized needs of the children in the class.

We believe that children learn best by repetition, so our classes will be similar week to week so that children gain confidence and security in knowing what to expect next! Supportive classes hold true to that structure as children learn to develop a routine that will help them interact with the often unpredictable social world around them.

Designed for Parents/Guardians of children in our Supportive class. Parents may choose to come with or without children. Teachers will supervise children, and present Art and Music projects that focus on SES concepts while parents have time to speak with their peers about issues and concerns in an open discussion format. Specific topics will be addressed and presented according to needs of the attendees.

Facilitation of the Supportive SpeaksEasy Parent Group is done by a trained Music Therapist or Creative Arts Therapist. Suggestions for home based interventions will be provided. Classes begin and end in a similar fashion to Supportive class, involving the children with the parents in a closing activity that emphasizes the parent-child bond.

In-Service Training

We'll join you at your Teacher Training Day or Open House Event, at your Staff Development Event, staff meeting, or training conference. Whatever event you need us for, we can be there. Long and short programs are designed especially for you in a presentation style or interactive format. Let us know what you are looking for.