The process for music therapy referrals:

Step 1:
A Referral for services is made. Contact us with your referral (doctors, physicians, therapists, social workers, direct care professionals, educators and parents are encouraged to make referrals).
Step 2:
The Assessment is completed one-on-one with the individual seeking treatment and an Assessment Report is provided, showing results and recommendations for services. The on-site Assessment identifies goal areas to address in the Treatment Plan.
Step 3:
If MT is recommended, a Treatment Plan is created that outlines goals and objectives of MT, frequency and duration of services and session length.
Step 4:
A Baseline for measuring progress is set during the first sessions.
Step 5:
Progress is noted through ongoing evaluation and recorded in Progress Notes. Formal Progress Notes identify achievements and recommendations.
Step 6:
Recommendations are made for continuation of services or closure and termination of services, as necessary.